Bean Bag Filling Calculator

General Rules of Thumb


Our calculator will work out roughly how much refill you will need to fill your bean bag for the first time. Enter the total dimensions in inches provided to you by your bean bag manufacturer (the size your bean bag should be after you have filled your cover) in the boxes below and press calculate. The total calculated is the amount of polystyrene beans in cubic foot that you require (for example a bean bag that was 26 inches x 26 inches x 26 inches would need 10 cubic foot). Take note, this calculator will only give an accurate result if you follow our guidelines for alternate shaped bean bags below. A correctly filled bean bag is much more comfortable, but while over-filling the bag probably won't send you running to your bank account see if you can afford it, it is wasteful and unnecessary to buy too much.

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Owners of alternate shaped bean bags should follow the below example

calculate filling needed for a bean bag

In this example let us assume that the width of the bean bag is also 24 inches.

Example A. If you were to calculate the amount of filling needed for this bean bag and use Width: 24, Depth: 24, Height: 24 then the calculator would reveal 8 Cubic Foot is needed, which is not an accurate result as there is a large amount of space you have acounted for (24 x 16 x 16) which in fact is not present.

Therefore you should follow Example B and should break up the bean bag into 2 sections and calculate each section independently and then add the two figures together. In this example you would calculate the first section Width: 24, Depth: 8, Height: 24 which results in 3 Cubic Foot and then combine it with the total given from Width: 24, Depth: 16, Height: 8 which results in 2 Cubic Foot. You would see that you only require 6 Cubic Foot of filling.


If you have been given the required amount in litres and not cubic foot then don't worry, this is how it equates: