bean bag filling and refill

Bean Bag Filling & Refill

We are an online retailer of cheap bean bag filling to refill one or more of your bean bags. After a few years, you will almost certainly find that your beanbag chair does not seem as comfortable as it used to be, this is because the filling side has been compressed. Buy our bean bag chair filler and restore the comfort! We only sell pure virgin polystyrene beads and the beads come in a number of different sized diameters to ensure long life.

Quick Size Guide Summary

Buy 2 cubic foot for Beanbag Filler when your chair has gone a little flat and needs a bit of life pumping back into it.

Buy 6 cubic foot for Bean Bag Refills when your chair has gone more than a little flat or you have bought a small to medium cover which needs filling for the first time.

Buy 11 cubic foot for Bean Bag Filling a new chair for the first time. This should fill the majority of large covers.